At SBT we know that every cleaning validation process is different. To help you have the best possible validation, we provide two different bacteria probes for BactoBox which can be used individually or together for at flexible and thorough cleaning validation. We call them BactoProbe Surface and BactoProbe Liquid.

Surface test
BactoProbe Surface

BactoProbe Surface is an easy to use surface swab for use with BactoBox. The probe contains a low-particle pre-wetted microdenier swab and interfaces seamlessly with BactoBox for fast bacteria measurements. BactoProbe surface swab already contains a resuspension liquid for the bacteria, so all you have to worry about is where to swab.

Surface test
BactoProbe Liquid

BactoProbe Liquid covers all your needs for measuring the bacteria contration of a liquid sample using BactoBox. To use the probe simply add 2 ml of the liquid you want to test to the probe and insert it into BactoBox. 5 minutes later you will have your result. It's never been faster or easier to determine the bacteria concentration of a water sample.